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The Process

About Our Process

Learn why our customers say we are one of the best landscaping contractors in Langley, Surrey, White Rock and Metro Vancouver.

At Higher Ground Landscaping and Design we take a holistic approach to each project. Our unique process enables us to build clients landscapes that suit their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Our Process

Dig deeper: The first step as your landscaping contractor is to get to know you. We don’t just ‘meet’ with you, we get to know you. We will learn your style preferences and how you’d like to utilize your outdoor space. If you aren’t certain, we will consult with you and help you hone-in on what you’re striving to achieve with your outdoor space. We listen and present options that reflect your interests.

Dream, plan, and prioritize: Our aim is to weave the dreams you have for your property with our landscaping expertise and experience, so that we can create a well thought-out plan that is tailored to your style, lifestyle, budget, and timeline.

Sketch it out: Now we start sketching out the foundations of your dreams on paper. Everything we’ve learned about your goals and the desires you have for your landscape will begin to take shape.

Ironing out the details: Before we begin installation, we will ensure that you are feeling confident about the plan to proceed. Once you are comfortable that the plan meets all of your priorities, we will present a timeline and an estimate of the project. A contract will follow.

Installation: Making the dreams a reality shouldn’t be a nightmare; it should be stress-free. You can expect that the site will look worse before it looks better; however, we guarantee to maintain a safe and tidy site. Throughout the entire installation process, there is an open line of communication to ensure you’re satisfied and your expectations are being met.

Maintenance: Once your project is complete we provide you with a detailed care plan and a list of recommended maintenance companies who can help you with regular maintenance. We encourage you to call us at 778.549.7065 if you have any questions.

If you would like to get started, or learn more about our landscaping services in Langley, Surrey, White Rock and Metro Vancouver, please contact us.

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